At Lupin, we are committed to building a diversified product portfolio and solidifying our leadership in the marketplace through the introduction of new and innovative products. We do this by embracing advanced technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and strategic third party relationships.

Our research and development efforts are the cornerstone of our mission to become a frontrunner in the development of complex generics and new women’s health specialty products that address a range of unmet needs. Investing in product development has propelled us to leadership in the generic market and has paved the way for further successes in specialty pharmaceuticals.

Lupin employs teams of scientists and technologists at three R&D facilities. Our teams are focused on developing generic products for various routes of administration, especially for formulations containing controlled substances, as well as on developing dry-powder and metered-dose products for inhalation delivery, on developing generic and specialty products using controlled-release microspheres and nanoparticles for parenteral delivery, and on outsourcing other complex generics, drug/device combination products, and novel specialty products for women’s health to qualified contractors, supervised by Lupin experts.